Why Choose Us?

why NameValet is different from other domain marketplaces

So you've got a nice domain portfolio, but you're ready to let some of these names go... we're here to help! List your domains with us. It's easy!

  • Most services take a 20% (or more) commission. We have different service levels so choose what works best for you!

  • Only want to receive offers? You can set your domain to only accept inquiries and offers. No Buy It Now or Auction required.
  • Our FREE plan allows you to list domains without a monthly listing fee. You will be charged a 15% commission on the domain sale*.

  • Auctions! List your domain as an auction and let others determine its worth. You can also set Auctions to have a Buy It Now price to end the auction early.
  • Want a lower commission fee? Sign up for our monthly plan and only pay a 10% commission on domain sales. That's the cheapest commission payment you'll find!

We're Better Because:

  • FREE Listings You can list your domains for sale for free*
  • Lower Commissions Most brokers take 20% or more for selling your domain. Our commission is as little as 10%!
  • Auctions You know your domain is worth more than small potatoes... let others fight for the winning bid with NameValet Auctions!

* Free listings agree to pay a 15% commission upon domain sale.