NameValet is a domain marketplace that also offers domain parking and auctions.

You can list your domain name for free! You can also browse domains in the marketplace and auction sites for free. If you choose to list your domain with us for free, expect NameValet to get a 15% commission ($25 minimum). By using a monthly package, NameValet takes a lower commission rate (10%) which means more money in your pocket!

When you pay by credit card, please expect a 3% transaction fee for processing. This is done by our payment processors, and is not something NameValet receives.

There's a "forgot password" link near the boxes where you enter your username and password. It'll send you an email with the ability to reset your password.

A seller can choose to ACCEPT your offer, or they can choose to make a COUNTER offer. By accepting your offer, the transaction is started and you will receive payment instructions from NameValet. By sending a counter offer, you will receive a message from the seller with their counter, which you can accept or place a new counter offer. A transaction won't begin until either party chooses to ACCEPT one of the counter offers.

NameValet offers domain parking which allows you to show a "parked page" when someone lands on your domain. If you're selling with a Buy It Now price, you will show a link to start that transaction. If you simply want buyers to make an offer, they can do this on your page as well.

Well, that's up to you but we will say that most buyers have a reserve price (meaning they won't even entertain offers that are too low). Give some serious thought to how much you feel this domain would be worth to you, and send a realistic offer. If you go around sending offers of $1 for every domain, you're not going to get anywhere.

NameValet will send you payment instructions. NameValet will also send instructions to the domain holder on transferring the domain to you once payment has been accepted and verified.

Retracting and cancelling bids is not allowed. Be extremely careful when placing your bids, only put in the amount you intend to bid for the domain.

By using our service and negotiating an offer with a seller or bidding on an auction, you are entering into a legally binding contract to purchase the domain IF the offer is accepted / auction is won. Our user agreement requires buyers to purchase the domains they have committed to. If the buyer refuses, their NameValet account will be closed and there may be legal action taken.

The actual length of time varies, depending on certain factors such as the responsiveness of the buyer and seller, the domain registrar, payments, and so forth. We try to have everything complete within 10 days.

Once the domain is transferred to you and is in your very own domain portfolio, the rest is up to you. You are responsible for renewals with your registrar. So the answer to this question is, however long you keep renewing the domain!

We don't want you to go! It's free to have an account. But if you absolutely want to close your account with us, please send a request via the contact form. We will have to verify that you have no pending transactions first, but can typically close accounts quickly upon request.

NameValet does a search of the domain and compares to the public Whois database information. If it's unavailable / private or it doesn't match up, NameValet will ask for further verification processes.

You must have a paid membership with NameValet in order to use our Auctions service. You can list your domains for free with a Buy It Now or Offer Request function, but Auctions are reserved for paid members. It's only guaranteed to sell at auction if a bidder meets your reserve price.

Domains are reviewed when first added to your account. We have to verify ownership and review the listing details before setting the status as "Live". If w ehave any questions or concerns we will reach out to you immediately. Newly added domains are typically reviewed within 48 hours.

By using our service and negotiating an offer or selling your domain at auction, you are entering into a legally binding contract to transfer ownership of the domain IF the offer is accepted / the auction is won. Our user agreement requires buyers to purchase the domains they have committed to. If the seller refuses to relinquish ownership, payment will be revoked and your NameValet account will be closed, and legal action may be taken.

Please send a request via our contact form and someone will respond within 48 hours.

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There are many choices when it comes to financing your domain name.

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