Creatr Fund

Get Paid for Simply Existing: The Creator Fund Magic

Hello there, tech wizards, domain hunters, and everyone in between! Today, I'm dropping by to chat about something spectacular – the NameValet Creator Fund. Now, it's not a magic beanstalk, but the cash it grows does seem quite magical. Unpacking the Mystery

Let's start by unfolding the enigma that is the NameValet Creator Fund. Picture this, you're sitting there, daydreaming about being on a beach sipping mojitos, when suddenly you get an email. It's from NameValet. You open it expecting the usual – "You still haven't sold your domain," "Your payment is due," yada yada. But no, this is different. You're getting paid. For doing nothing. Well, almost nothing. But you get the point.

See, the Creator Fund is a fancy-pants program initiated by NameValet where 1% of the sale from all domains we sell on behalf of others goes into this mystical chest of treasures.

You might ask, "Cool, but what's in it for me?" Well, my daydreaming friend, the Creator Fund isn't like your regular schmegular fund. We don't just distribute the earnings to the sellers who have sold a domain. No, no, we're not that mainstream. We distribute it equally based on domain traffic to all sellers – whether they've sold a domain or not. The Math Behind the Magic

Wait, don't close this tab! I know 'math' and 'fun' aren't usually seen in the same sentence, but bear with me. Imagine you own a domain. Yes, another daydream, humor me. Your domain is getting a ton of traffic but you haven't sold it yet. Maybe you're waiting for a better offer, maybe you're simply procrastinating. Either way, you're not making money. Yet.

Enter the Creator Fund. Even though you haven't sold your domain, you're still getting a cut of the pie. How? Because we at NameValet believe in spreading the love (and the money). We think the folks who bring in traffic deserve a reward, even if they haven't sold anything. After all, traffic equals visibility, and visibility equals potential buyers.

So, every time a domain gets sold, one penny out of every dollar goes into this fund. We then tally up the traffic across all our sellers' domains. Based on your share of that traffic, you get your slice of the fund. Just like that. And you thought math couldn't be fun.

The Beauty of the Beast

Now you might be thinking, "Okay, sounds good, but why should I care?" Great question. You know what, let me answer that with another question. Who doesn't love free money? Let's be real, selling a domain isn't always a walk in the park. It can take time, effort, and a whole lot of patience. And while you're playing the waiting game, your domain is attracting visitors, creating value, contributing to the ecosystem. Shouldn't that be rewarded?

That's exactly why the Creator Fund exists. It's our way of saying thank you. Thank you for being a part of the community. Thank you for adding value. And thank you for simply existing. It's also our way of supporting you on your journey to a successful sale.

Join the Revolution

So there you have it. The NameValet Creator Fund – a sweet deal wrapped in a neat little package. And the best part? You don't have to do anything. Just sit back, relax, and watch the magic unfold.

Sure, it's not as exciting as winning the lottery or finding a treasure chest in your backyard. But it's close enough. And if nothing else, it's a fun story to share at parties. You're welcome.

So come, join the NameValet community. Sell a domain, don't sell a domain, either way, you win. And remember, "A great domain could be the start of a great online business." Who knows, your domain could be the next big thing. Cheers to that! Now, back to my mojito daydream…